Blueberry Chia Jam

Is there anything better than fresh blueberries.  I personally love blueberries in almost anything.  So much so that when my local Bountiful Baskets has a special on blueberries I always buy at least a case of them.  I eat blueberries in my greek yogurt, in my oatmeal, on my pancakes, … Continue

Portion Control Solution Available NOW!!!

Nutrition seems to be the hardest part for a lot of people when they decide to get healthy. Well Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody have just simplified your life!

The 21 Day Fix is a simple solution to your nutrition woes.  You continue to eat the foods you like, you just fit them into the pre-portioned containers.  It really is that simply.

How much should I eat?

One of the hardest things about losing weight is knowing how much to eat.  Calorie consumption is such a personalized thing, that it is hard to just say you should be eating X number of calories to lose weight.  Each one of us is different.  We have different lifestyles, different … Continue

Roasted Red Pepper Minestrone Soup

It is always hard for me to find something that fits into our vegan lifestyle and that my son will eat.  To say he is a picky eater would be an understatement.  Anything that even resembles a vegetable does not sit well with him.  So it is a constant struggle to find … Continue