Going Against the Grain in Beef Country

About three months ago, my husband Kevin and I decided to do the Ultimate Reset.  This is a 21 day program that cleanses your body of toxins and “resets” it back to factory settings.  During the 21 days, you wean yourself off of meat and then dairy.  You also get rid of any other bad habits you might have like caffeine, sugar, sugar-free gum, etc.  By the final week, all of your meals consist of vegetables and whole grains.  I went into this thinking it would be a great 3 week change and then I would probably go back to eating some meat and dairy and the things I really like.  After all, I ate pretty healthy to begin with.  Well 3 weeks has now turned into 3 months.  Kevin and I both feel amazing and the food has been delicious.  We have tried so many different foods that we never would have without this plan.  Since the Reset ended, I have stocked up on vegan/vegetarian/clean eating cook books and have been trying new recipes.  Some of my favorite new cookbooks are:

The Engine 2 Diet

The Eat Clean Diet: Vegetarian Cookbook

Forks Over Knives

Pinterest is also an amazing place to find vegan and vegetarian recipes.

This change in our eating habits definitely takes a lot of planning and more prep work than I used to do, but it is so worth it.  It also takes thick skin. I am constantly amazed at the remarks of other people.  Living in the heart of beef country probably doesn’t help, but I am not trying to push my eating habits on anyone else.  I just want to make sure that my family is eating the best possible food available and that we are as healthy as we possibly can be.  When people find out that we don’t eat meat, the first question is typically something to do with getting enough protein.  It is funny, nobody seemed to care how much protein I was eating before.  My poor grandma thinks that I am going to kill over  if I don’t start eating red meat right away

I certainly know that going vegan or vegetarian is not for everyone and that most people in the mid-west will not even consider it.  What I do know is how much better my husband and I feel and the results we have seen.  Since starting the Ultimate Reset 3 months ago, Kevin has lost 25 pounds and his cholesterol is down about 90 points.  I have lost about 10 pounds, don’t really have sugar cravings and I feel amazing.  (I did not have a current cholesterol test to compare mine).

My point is, that this is what is working for us.  Everybody has to make their own choices about what is right for your situation, but if you are ready to make a change and see what this is all about, I urge you to give it a try.


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  1. Mirtha Soraya Rader says:

    I would like to give this a try, with your help