Planning is the key to staying on track

How do I stay on track with my busy schedule.  As moms, we are all super busy and overbooked.  It is easy to find yourself on the road with no healthy food in sight.  So, although it takes a little effort, a lot of planning, and a little extra time I try to make sure that I always have my healthy food packed for the day and for anything unexpected that might come up.

Every night I pack my lunch bag and my husband’s lunch bag – cause I am just that nice:)  [1 gifts has some really cool insulated bags].  Let me give you a little peek into what’s in my bag.  On an average day, my lunch bag contains:

  • a piece of fruit like an apple, peach, or an orange and some raw nuts (almonds are my favorite) for my morning snack
  • my lunch is typically a salad and 1-2 tablespoons of homemade dressing
  • and then my afternoon snack is my daily dose of awesome- Shakeology!

Having my meals and snacks all planned out for the day sure makes it easier to stay on track. I have a rule for myself:  don’t anything that is not in my lunch bag unless it is something I really, really want!  So I do leave myself some room to “cheat” every now and again, but it has to be for a really good reason:)

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